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Pop Up Fat Freeze Spring Extravanganza Coming To Charlotte Soon

Toward the End of February and Beginning or March 2020. Book Now to Reserve Your Freeze

We are only taking 50 customers or less.

Dates will be posted soon

Event Alternative CoolSculpting Charlotte

Get your tickets before they are gone. We offer faster and quality results with our freezing treatments. Check out our over 4000 photos at theflawessbody.store. This ticket Event Alternative CoolSculpting Houston will also provide each Event Ticket Holder with free Permanent Skin Tightening.

What is CoolSculpting aka Fat Freeze?

CoolSculpting aka Fat Freeze is the best way to achieve a younger and better looking body without plastic surgery? Certainly with our Award Winning Alternative CoolSculpting aka Fat Freeze procedure we can help you get rid of unwanted fat pockets. Our CoolSculpting aka Fat Freeze kills the fat so it does not return. Above all there is No Pain, No Cutting, nor Downtime. Return back to work or to your regular work-out regiment. Would you rather be at the beach enjoying your vacation instead of waiting some stitches to heal. In contrast to surgery you don’t have to be on any meds before or after your freezing treatment.  

  • What the Doctors won’t tell you? If fat is removed by plastic surgery i.e., liposuction and/or tummy tuck, the fat will come back once a person starts to gain weight. The best way to get rid of stubborn fat cells is you have to kill the cell with Fat Freezing. Cancel your surgery plans and run on over to Flawless and get our Non-Invasive Fat Freeze treatment. Our fat freeze is non-surgical and with no down time. Fat Freezing is the only true way to kill fat cells. permanently. 
  • The freezing procedure is FDA cleared. The equipment does not have to be FDA cleared. But please keep this in mind if you are not sure you are eligible for our Freeze program call us. Have you have been going back and forth trying to decide if our freezing treatment is for you? Please call and/or text us for a Free Phone Consultation at 310-999-3471.
  • Event Alternative CoolSculpting Houston will be in September see our Event ticket here at Qouponz.com or EventBrite.

Event Alternative CoolSculpting Houston

Flawless formation now does Event Fat Freezes aka Coolsculpting for all all locations. To view our next Events click here.

All other Locations Charlotte, Cary NC, Raleigh NC may go to our event page to see when we are having an event in your area. Events 

We do sale INDIVIDUAL fat freeze sessions to our Local customers in Houston TX but the fat freezes are slightly higher in price. You may purchase this 2 area Fat Freeze if you desire a private individual Fat Freeze Session.

About Our Freeze Machines 

  • Flawless has formulated and custom designed their own heavy duty fat freeze machines. The manufacturers who construct our freeze machine has been partners with us since we started the company . We do not give out our Proprietary Freezing Equipment information. 
  • Flawless Freeze Machines’ design and custom power are our Trademark secret. Furthermore, no company gives out there trade mark secrets and neither does Flawless. We ask each customer to respect our privacy and reframe from asking us confidential and trademarking information about freezing equipment.

Fat Freeze aka Alternative CoolSculpting Weigh Loss and Inches

  • Flawless does not have a Weight loss program. Even though our freeze machines are rugged and powerful they do not help you loose weight or inches. Our Freezing process will help you get rid of small, medium, and large pockets of fat? 
  • The owner walks and jog almost everyday to help her loose weight. Our fast results freeze machine can reduce stubborn fatty areas that are resistant to diet and work outs. The owner wish there was a non-invasive machine that could rid of fat without diet or exercise but unfortunately one has not been designed or built as of yet.
  • Our durable and powerful Freeze Machine will help you get rid of stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to diets and work outs.
  • If you have been hitting it hard in the gym and eating right but you still have those stubborn fatty, then you probably should head on over to Flawless for long lasting fat freeze. Run on over to Flawless and get the results you deserve. 
  • Our freeze machine can help you get rid of those stubborn fatty areas. If you want to loose weight and Inches unfortunately you have to diet and exercise.

What to Bring to your Appointment

So with that said please come with realistic expectations in mind. Please remember not to wear your good clothes and please don’t forget your Arnicare Gel. So what do I do now well you can use the link below to book and buy. We have several locations Texas and North Carolina. We have attached the link below to this treatment to view further.

Flawless Formation Service Page on Qouponz.com

What to expect at the Event Alternative CoolSculpting Houston

  • The day of your appointment you will need to fill and sign a 3 page disclosure. We make a copy of your photo ID for everyone who enters our office. Once you are in the treatment area we will take a 4 was photo of only the freeze area. You will not remove any clothes due to privacy laws and because our cameras record 24/7 for quality assurance.
  • The customer will show us the one or two areas that they will be freezing that day. We will circle the area with a non permanent marker and place the freeze handles exactly on the areas that you paid for. The estimated time of your freezing treatment is about 30 mins. The entire procedure will take 45mins to 1 hour. If you wish you pay purchase extra areas the same day for only $150 per area but after you leave the office, the prices revert back to the price on Qouponz.com. 45mins to 1 hour. Flawless treat their customer with the upmost respect.
  • The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. Our hot sauna treatment is so amazing as a result it will be fast asleep in no time. Finally we give each customer our non perm skin tightening free of charge. We keep our prices reasonable and affordable. During the treatment some customers may feel uncomfortable and others may not. Bring your Arincare Gel with you to your appointment. Purchase Arnicare Gel at your local pharmacy.

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