Jesus Can Work it Out If You Let Him Video Praising God For My Mircale (Old School Version)He Is A Healer Praise

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Jesus Can Work it Out If You Let Him Video Praising God For My Mircale

My family and I have went through some trying times but God keep us strong through it all we Magnified God and not the problem. Some days I felt like I could not make it but I heard the Lord say hold on to me come to me, nothing is too hard for me. My Daughter father my ex husband had a massive stroke and bleeding on the brain a month ago the Dr said there is nothing else we can do but God said wait a minute I am your Doctor but there is something I can do. For a week we prayed continuously for God to heal Ed body. My oldest kids has lost there dad at a early age and that still bothers me today. I said God you can’t take him not him Erikka needs her father and KC needs her granddad. Please God I begged him don’t take another one and even though the Dr said continuously for a week that he was going to make it, we don’t receive those orders but we received God word and know God as a Healer. So yo might see me in this video I a little tired because I have been praising God since 8am that morning. So I am a little wobbly a little tired but God never gets tired of blessing me. I had to get my shout into today. God has been to good to me just to sit down.

If you Dont Praise The Rocks Will Praise Him, Don’t Let The Rocks Steal Your Praise

God Is A Healer

Today I can stay that Ed is talking sitting up and walking with the help of God and the nurses.

God will not put more on you than you can bare

I do not own the rights to this song or copyrights to this sone. It is old school song we use to sing a long time ago. It is more powerful now then it was before

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