Customer Code of Conduct

Mutual respect makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the many beautiful services that each Merchant and Vendor has to offer.  

  • has our own Customers’ policies but each Merchant and Vendor may have additional policies, procedures and or disclosures that you will have to adhered to as well.
  • has the right to banned customers who does not follow or the Merchants or Vendors or procedures and policies. 
  • will ban a customer if we find out that the customer has committed any type of fraud

    No Bullying or Harassment, of Fake Reviews Allowed Period

    if you feel you are being bullied or trolled by a merchant, customer, or staff member or subject of FAKE review, contact use immediatley because we do not allow that type of behavior on our platform PERIOD. The owner of has experience everything mentioned here first hand. We won’t allow it ever. customers and merchants, we do not allow bullying or harassment contact

    Positive and Encouraging Atmosphere with High Morale 

    We want you to be a part of a movement of positivity and daily encourage. We are a different type of advertising media where we care about the morale of everyone not just our customer, our merchants, and staff. There are enough negative Review sites, harassment sites out there. We choose to be different we are onboard with Reddit to end online Bullying, Harassment, and Trolling. against people of other races, groups, gender, spiritual preference. Please let keep Clean and Harassment Free. Than you! 

  • we do Not allow customers to put anything False about the company that could lead to a Libel or Defamation Lawsuit, your review will be removed if your review does not follow our guidelines.  
  • customers please keep your reviews simple, example this product or service didn’t work for me and I would not ever buy this again or My daughter used this product and she had so many problems, I don’t recommend buying this if you have little kids. 
  • More policies will be added as needed. 

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